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eSteel is one of a few select companies in the world using a completely digital process within one company to facilitate structural engineering, detailing, fabrication and erection from a single point of contact. We have developed a unique and comprehensive range of steel construction services and detailing solutions incorporating the use of the latest industry and information-based technologies. We specialize in 3-D image modeling and have for over 10 years, while most are just beginning to see the benefit of this process.

The eSteel team begins working during the conceptual phase of design to develop a 3D of the project.  In turn, eSteel then selects the most economical and constructable system for the facility.  We look at over 26 possible systems, taking into considering the scheme, joists, beams, costs, deck type, misc. steel package, fire proofing, erection and constructability of the system chosen. Once the model is accepted we begin work on the structural contract documents and the engineering model is passed electronically to the detailers for a one-touch conversion to their detailing software, Once converted, CNC files are generated and sent to AmFab for material procurement, and the model is sequenced to match the construction schedule. As each sequence is released for fabrication, material lists, bolt lists and CNC files are generated and passed thru AmFab’s processing software & FULLY automated equipment.

This provides a completely digital process from the original design model thru the last piece of material, minimizing the potential for human error.


Our Structural Engineer’s use the very latest innovations for drawing production and management with FULL integration of design, drafting, detailing and fabrication throughout the entire project. We provide the “missing link” between the analytical model and construction drawings. This significantly reduces the time spent picking up model changes, generating and coordinating documents within the team. Are process allows the engineering team to:

  • Concentrate on the analytical model
  • Greatly minimizes time-consuming and error-prone red-line process at all stages of the project life cycle
  • Quickly identifies potential errors on drawings
  • Visual feedback of all drawing revisions due to model changes
Automatically creates a 3D model and allows transfer of all files to our detailing firm with the touch of a button.


Our 3-D Modeling software is the only product with the built in intelligence to automatically design connections using a 3D Model with a multitude of options for beams, columns, bracing and joists. When the model is complete, our software automatically creates a comprehensive set of drawings, which require few modifications, because we create adaptive detailing rules that work in conjunction with the system’s automated detailing routines. 3D drawings are taken from the model so the erection crew always gets an accurate fit in the field.


AmFab, the fabricator for eSteel Design-Build Group, understands that steel fabrication can move beyond the traditional construction process and become integrated into a manufacturing process.  AmFab has developed a highly accurate automated process to fabricate steel on a tight deadline without compromising quality. The eSteel fabrication process is completely integrated with the electronic files produced through dtl’s and the 3D modeling designed by our structural engineers.  AmFab is able to fabricate steel for your projects weeks ahead of the competition.


  1. Faster schedules
  2. Lower costs
  3. Fewer problems
  4. Lower risk
Faster schedules mean:
    • Reduced project overhead
    • Earlier generation of revenue
    • Lower construction finance costs
    • Increased volume
    • Increased profits
    • Lower costs mean:
    • Increased profits
    • More budget available for other project requirements


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